Transformation Tuesday: Miles Wowza

Transformation Tuesday: Miles Wowza

Welcome to this week’s #TransformationTuesday where we share an amazing story of Miles Wozwa, the founder & owner of Wowza popsicles & ice cream. The story is narrated by Miles himself.

Growing up I’ve always been ambitious & wanted to do great things for myself, community & country at large. The narrative about Zambian youths being lazy has never sat well with me and it was such sentiments that pushed me to get started. The moment that changed me was at a point where my parents couldn’t come through financially. That alone was more than enough motivation that made me see the bigger picture and things different. Besides that, I was tired of being broke and to turn things around, I had to be the change I wanted to see.

It all started when I dropped out of school for a year plus due financial related issues. I figured it was going to take way too long for me to get back in school if I sat waiting for luck or well-wishers hence, venturing into the business of buying and reselling ice cream and popsicles with the hope getting back into school which I managed to do.

Besides that, I realized that there’s a growing number of unemployed youths in the country and instead of joining the queue or complaining about lack of jobs or waiting for the government, I decided to take a bold step and started up something for my own.

What are the lessons I have learnt on this journey?

  1. You’re as powerful as you believe & as weak as you believe.
  2. It’s all up to you to pick up oneself.
  3. You’ve to take your business and self seriously before anyone else does.
  4. Knowing what you want and having self-belief is key in everything.
  5. Most of the greatest things are on the other side of fear.
  6. You’ve to start with whatever resources you have rather than waiting for opportunities.
  7. Commitment and consistency beat hard work any day every day.


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Facebook: Popsicles  @Miles Wowza