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We have an entrepreneur’s start-up hub. Our business incubation service offerings are geared towards enabling, growing and fostering start-ups that will create jobs, commercialise, innovative technologies and improve the competitiveness for Zambia.

The TLB Hub offers incubated starts-ups:

  • End to end Business Advisory and skills development
  • Markets
  • Networking opportunities





The program for starting entrepreneurs who have an idea or are in early stages of implementation and are looking to strengthen their business foundations and launch.





The program for entrepreneurs and startups who have been in business for one to three years and want to take it to the next level of growth and profitability.

Our hub is not sector specific, and works with entrepreneurs across sectors.

More than 75 per cent of the population in Africa and the Global South live in increasing income inequality. Growing inequality prevents sustainable development, reduces economic growth, and subsequently high levels of poverty, which leads overall to low human development.


There is now an international consensus that reducing inequality is essential to putting an end to poverty by 2030. Africa, including Zambia has been growing over the past decade, and has some success in increasing human development levels, but its poverty rates have remained stubbornly high. With its limited economic diversification, persisting inequalities, high unemployment, and environmental degradation, the continent has yet to embark on a sustainable development path which can benefit all women and men over time.


To mobilizing the power of people against poverty. To help rebuild livelihoods by empowering people to exercise leadership in finding innovative and practical solutions to end their poverty, we believe entrepreneurship is key.


We see Entrepreneurship as a source of innovation and change, and as such spur’s improvements in productivity and economic competitiveness. One of the central problems of poverty is the unavailability of work. Work enables individuals to produce for themselves i.e., food and earned money which they could use for exchange. It is also from work that wealth is created, which through taxation allows governments to fund services. Overall entrepreneurs and businesses if harnessed well should become meaningful contributors to the economy and poverty reduction. We work with Entrepreneurs across different sectors. We support entrepreneurs to start, grow and scale their business.