Our Story

The Leadership Bank (TLB) is a non-profit Zambian organisation committed to driving change through skills development, influencing policy and dialogue that enable individuals, businesses, and organisations to become active participants in solving Africa’s systemic challenges through principles of transformational servant leadership. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to Africa realising a free, just, equitable and prosperous society.


Founded in 2020, TLB is grooming ethical, creative, and disciplined servant leaders ready to transition from success to significance and find new solutions to old problems. Our value-based leadership programmes are designed to capture the energy, resolve and talent of a rising generation of leaders in Africa through learning that transcends borders, engages different cultures and nurtures innovation.


The world’s poor are increasingly concentrated in Africa, with more Africans living in poverty now than ever before. There is a basket of factors contributing to Africa’s poverty that require complex, globally integrated solutions. However, the macroeconomic instability and the lack of inclusive economic growth stemming from resource-dependent economies, low human capital, persistent gender inequality, and major infrastructure & healthcare deficits, can be effectively dealt with through good stewardship in business and public affairs.


Leadership is the fuel to economic growth and sustainable development across all sectors. Africa must produce capable servant leaders with a shared/who share the vision of a future that melds the demands of globalisation with local values.


At TLB, we seek to equip participants with the skills, knowledge and support that will transform the way they think, work, and solve problems. The emergent change agents walk away driven beyond personal success and ready to seize leadership opportunities in business, civic organisations or local government and inspire their communities to serve. TLB also offers participants insights into poverty reduction impediments in Africa, while demonstrating meaningful participation in institutions of democracy and the importance of good governance in business and public service.


The TLB promise is to support and grow a pan-African network of transformational servant leaders in all sectors and to increase inclusivity and diversity in the chambers of power in African governments, civic organisations and businesses.


Currently, our work is based across Zambia as our success is rooted in strong partnerships with existing for-profit, public, or nonprofit providers within a locality. These partnerships enable TLB to establish and build long-term relationships with the communities we serve, while leveraging local facilities and support services for its programs.



Our Goal:


To increase the representation, both formally and informally, of all citizens to build a better Zambia, and Africa. We aim to:

  • Increase participation and leadership across sectors
  • promote a representative and inclusive government
  • engage the private sector as an equal partner in development



Our Mission:


To grow an African leadership that is solutions-oriented, authentic, engaged and inspired beyond personal success through training, influencing policy, facilitating dialogue, and connecting like-minded Individuals, private & public sector organisation’s, youth and women.



Our Vision:


A free, just, and equitable Zambian society guided by principled transformational. servant leaders.

TLB Has 4 Areas of Focus:


  •  Transformational & Servant leadership
  • Good governance and democracy
  • Energy & the Environment
  • Entrepreneurship


The Leadership Banks long term ambition is to not only be a Zambian player but have an all-Africa influence and impact.